You must have jotted down everything for your wedding- from the venue, decor, photographer to your outfits and MUA but you will definitely want to have a special and a memorable bridal entry that everyone notices! And why not have a ‘dhamakedar’ bridal entry with some drama and craziness in it? Well, here are some cool and unique bridal entry ideas that are surely gonna be remembered by everyone!

1.With the guests holding cold pyros

Photography: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Not only the glow of the sparklers will light up the whole ambiance but will make it look so dreamy! What can be better than all your family members and friends welcoming you at the venue with all those fancy cold pyros in their hands? Lil filmy but definitely a cool idea for all those bindaas brides.

2.  Under a Phoolon or Kaleree ki Chaadar!

Photography: Shades Photography

One of the most traditional ways of bridal entry but still has its own charm and beauty! Imagine the moment when all your brothers are carrying the beautifully decorated flower bed while you enter the wedding venue! So dreamy, isn’t it?

3. Enter on a Vintage Vehicle

Photography: The Lightsmiths

Entering on a vintage vehicle with full-on swag will definitely draw everyone’s attention to it. We bet, all the bridal entry pictures are going to be super amazing with the vehicle being decorated with colorful flowers. Yeah, even an old car can be quite handy sometimes!

4. Dance your way out

Photography: Shutter Down

For all the bride-to-bes who love to dance, plan an entry on your favorite song with all your siblings and friends. You can even get the dhol-valas and dance to the mandap. One of the best ways to keep all your guests happily involved during the bridal entry!

5. Daddy’s girl:

Photography: The Wedding Salad

Oh, how we love to see a bride walking down the aisle with her dad, just like a little girl holding her dad’s hands. It is going to be an emotional moment for both of them, walking together towards a new phase of life. A moment worth capturing!

6. Under a beautiful Umbrella:

Photography: Shutter Down 

How about making an entry under a beautifully decorated umbrella with your bride tribe? Classy, simple and elegant, this type of entry will undoubtedly leave an impact and make the moment memorable! It will look more attractive when you decorate the umbrellas with bright colors and flowers.

7. The traditional Palki Entrance:

Photography: Kartik Jasti

Another traditional way of Indian bridal entrance is by having an exquisite Palki. Let your brothers hold the palki while you sit like a ‘queen’ on your wedding day! Giving a grand feel, entering in a palki is loved by everyone!

8. Horse driven carriage:

This one is as creative as it sounds! One of the unique ways is to ask your event planners to get a beautifully decorated carriage with a few horses for a magnificent bridal entry. Totally irresistible!

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