Photos bring back so many memories. You just relive your moments and get lost in them. Weddings are one of the best moments of your life. So, Why lose an opportunity to have those beautiful moments captured by the best wedding photographers in the country?

For any wedding photographer, a wedding is a dream come true with many opportunities to make photographs look beautiful. The rich silk sarees, flowy lehengas, three-piece suits, family games, colorful flowers, sweets, baraats, Oh but the list is endless. So many priceless moments and so much to cherish. Best Candid wedding photographers have become a part of the giant party for their keen eye and ability to make time stand still.

Leave everything from pre-wedding photography to the farewell party, while you just relax and cherish those beautiful occasions. So, Find someone who understands what you need and is able to connect with your loved ones. Then just lean back and enjoy the ride. Be assured that there is someone who is capturing those most treasured moments. Here is our list of top 10 wedding photographers that will surely get you inspired.

1. Dipak Studios

Dipak studios powered by imaging experts Raman & Mohan Dipak is the most innovative Wedding photography company. It started at Neelam Chowk Faridabad and now has its presence both in Delhi and Gurgaon. They are one of the most organized players in wedding photography business. They have a large team of wedding professionals including photographers, album designers, video editors, and has also done destination weddings in Dubai and Amsterdam.

They are one of the most celebrated and reviewed wedding photographers on many wedding portals across India. They are famous for the celebrity weddings. Every member of their team is devoted to giving you candid and cherishable moments. Their head office is in Faridabad and wedding studios in Delhi & Gurgaon.

Photography – Dipak Studios

2. Jodi Clickers 

Jodi Clickers style of photography is a modern – contemporary mixture of fashion. Their objective is to make the work refreshing, innovative and offer each client with a boutique style service.

Services: Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Photobooth, Albums, Drone Services and more.They are a team of professional photographers and Creative artists. Their core team has years of experience in the contemporary photography as individuals and now this creative and talented pool has come up with the well known “Jodi Clickers”.Their approach is based on creating aesthetic images. With them every pixel tells a story!

Photography – Jodi Clickers

3. Shutterink 

Shutterink is for you; if you believe that marriages are once in a lifetime; if you believe that you deserve the best. They believe that every couple has a unique story and there is beauty in everything. With Shutterink it is all about you! They believe the weddings are about you and your family. So the wedding photography should be about creating timeless images. Shutterink is the brainchild of Sandeep Mohan and Nitin Dangwal and is based out of Delhi and Chandigarh. The specialty about them is both of them are married hence, they know the importance of good wedding photographs of cherishable moments. They both are fathers so they understand the bond between brides and fathers. They love to know their couples so they have long conversations with them. They are down to earth, loving and caring human beings.

Photography – Shutterink

4. Fotowalle: The Story Folks

Fotowalle creates a hassle and stress-free vibe during their shoots. This is the key to their style of creative photography. Be it a wedding, an engagement, or a proposal, people always prefer sharing these important personal and candid moments. The whole team imbibes the same spirit and philosophy while capturing.

Photography – Fotowalle

5. CupCake Productions 

Cupcake Productions was started by the husband-wife duo named Shruti and Jayant. They have been partners not just in life but also in capturing weddings all over the world.

They capture the wedding in its true essence. They are not known as “wedding cinematographers” but STORYTELLERS. They not just cover weddings and rituals, but they cover love stories, and people not falling in love but rising in love. For them, Love is not just a word, but a frame for creating memories forever.

        Photography – Cupcake Productions

6. The Wedding Salad 

The Wedding Salad is amongst the top ten wedding photographers in India. They have photographed over 90 weddings, creating an incredible montage of priceless moments. While their specialty lies in candid wedding photography.

Photography – The Wedding Salad

7. Gautam Khullar 

His name is taken amongst the top 10 wedding photographers as his work is amazing. They give a new flavor to the existing photography. He is a famous photographer in New Delhi. Gautam Khullar Photography leaves an impression of a young and an amateur photographer.

Photography – Gautam Khullar

8. Film My Story

They specialize in Wedding Photography & Cinematography. They have covered more than 100 Weddings around the Globe. They have also done international Wedding Shoots in Dubai and Amsterdam, Europe. They have an In-House Team of Best Candid and Traditional Photographers.

Photography – Flim My Story

9. Cineweddings 

Cineweddings is a team of creative minds trying to make your big day a memorable one. They are based in Ahmedabad and cover weddings throughout India. Their team consists of experienced photographers, designers, cinematographers, and editors.

Photography – Cineweddings

10. Bright Photography

Bright Photography’s principal photographer and the owner is Brittney Kwasney. Her style is focused on capturing candid reactions & emotions. She has photography experience of over a decade, starting with film, and later mastered the art of digital photography.

Photography – Bright Photography

Wedding photography is an art. It is a timeless memory to be cherished for a lifetime. Remember, Wedding happens just once in your lifetime and photographs will stay with you forever. So, choose the best photographer who will leave you amused!


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