Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

Everyone seems to have advice about how to know if he’s the one.

But none of them is needed and you just know it.

From stranger to soulmates, it was an amazing roller coaster ride for both of us.

With our meet-cute day to our endless full night talks, I knew exactly how old Walt Disney’s Cinderella felt when she found her prince.

The Bride Says

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want it to start as soon as possible and the wedding planning commenced.

Everyone deserves to feel special on their wedding day and ours was exactly the kind of the fairytale wedding we wanted. Our December wedding took place at Radisson Blu Palace resort and spa, Udaipur.

The Wedding Story

Haldi Ceremony

Nothing like a sparkling winter wedding on a bright sunny day. I had always wanted my Haldi function to be very loud, vibrant and filled with love and that’s just what I got. Our family and friends applied the turmeric based paste on Jai and me which was followed by non-choreographed dance performances by all of them. Matching dress code and decor made the function felt like a breeze.

Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet is the most awaited and fun function of the wedding for friends and family. The grand preparation was on for more than a month. So much enthusiasm was seen on both the sides of the family. The function started with a song and dance performances along with a ceremony of ring exchange. With the massive family reunion, the joy at the function doubled. We enjoyed our beautiful first dance as a couple and there was a time when Jai got on his knees to propose to me. Such a magical moment!

The first timeĀ heĀ proposed to me, I was overwhelming with joy. This happens with most of the couples but ours was my favourite.

The Reception

Our regal reception had an amazing entry with me and Jai on a grand chariot showing off our little moves.

The celebration continued with the introduction of the couple to the family members and friends.

The dramatic stage and setup looked absolutely like a dream with both of us feeling like we were on the top of the world. For the reception, I wore a red and peach lehenga from Verse couture, Kolkata and Jai complimented my outfit by opting for a multicoloured Safa, sea green and golden sherwani with red dupatta from Manyavar.

We wanted to get “The Rajwada” look for our wedding and it all ended up with a better version.

Nothing compared to that “Just married” feeling.

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