Meet Amit & Sanjana

Groom says:

My name is Amit and I am a simple down-to-earth person who likes to stay active and enjoy life one step at a time. Born and raised in the Sultanate of Oman. Now for the past 11 years, I have been living in Vancouver, Canada working for an MNC. I have been living independently but family always comes first for me. I am a foodie who enjoys cuisines from all over the world.

Sanjana is a very simple down-to-earth girl and works for a Cruise line company based out of Seattle. She loves to travel and loves trying out new things. She has a never-ending bucket list which she tries very hard to ‘check’. Sanjana is a very talkative person and bubbly in nature.

October 26th, 2016, just another day in my life browsing on the internet after a long day’s work and happened to be a day off from my workouts. A request to connect with Ms. Kalra on catches my attention and I immediately sign on and browse through her profile feeling anxious and excited at the same time. Aah, what a day it was!

How They Met!

Ooo lucky me, she was a paid member and I could send her a quick message and then anxiously had to wait for 12 hours before she replied! We exchanged numbers and chatted away on WhatsApp! A few weeks later Sanjana departed on a cruise ship for work. I was warned on how things might change but I thought to myself how difficult could it really be. I’ve just started talking to her, I should be just fine! And I was completely wrong about that! “Oh my god what just happened?” Is what I thought. We were barely speaking, I had suddenly become free and I missed her so much.

Whereas on the other hand, Sanjana was absolutely disinterested and just casually spoke to me. By this time I had a few pictures saved of hers saved on my phone and I would want to keep browsing through them. I would write long messages to her almost every hour to let her know everything that was going on in my life and what I was doing and that is something I had never done before.

‘Wow,” I said to myself I really like this girl.

The Turning Point!

That was the turning point in my life where I wanted to just invest all my time and energy towards her. My body clock automatically auto tuned itself to when Sanjana would come online whether it was day or night. I knew that her ship was coming to Mumbai for a day and I knew I just had to meet her so I Managed to fly into Mumbai all the way from Vancouver for 24 hours on December 27, 2016 just so I could meet this beautiful woman who had already stolen my heart but I wasn’t willing to admit to it.

By April 2017 things were a little unclear as we communicated very little which got me a little worried and I started to panic. I knew we were at a stage where spending time in person and getting to know each other had become a necessity.

Flew to Kolkata in May 2017 made sense and I pulled the triggered on the plan not knowing where all this would take the two of us. As I landed at the Kolkata airport, the adrenaline rush kicked in and I became very nervous.

I had just flown 11,500 km to get to know her more, Holy smokes! I collected my bags and headed to the arrival exit doors where I anxiously waited for Sanjana. By this time my heart beat sped and I started to sweat in nervousness! Within 5 minutes she arrived in a sedan car and I could see her through the window. Another unforgettable moment for me where Sanjana stepped out of the car with that gorgeous smile on her face and my heart skipped a beat at that moment!

Happy Moments!

She gives me a hug and I say “ hey stranger! Long time no sees” I guess her nervousness took over her attention and failed to acknowledge what I asked. Oh well, that’s okay. Just seeing her made me forget all my worries and concerns. Whereas on the other hand, Sanjana said ” are you moving to Calcutta?” seeing the number of bags I had.

We spent a week together where we would be up all night talking and spend the whole day exploring the city and went on what I will consider as “Fancy Dates”. The evening of May 7th, 2017 was an interesting one as a couple life-changing decisions were made in our lives.

After talking about a few things Sanjana said YES to me at Flury’s precisely at 9: 30 pm.

May 8th we had an official ceremony aka Rokka at home! Everyone who knew was very happy and excited. Especially the two of us!

The Wedding Ceremony, Feb 2018!

A family decision on hiring Madam Planners to organize our wedding Saga in Udaipur, Rajasthan definitely made our wedding destination a big hit! Everything was taken care of, from Guest arrivals, to decorating the venue Udaibagh Resort into a Royal Fortress.

Amit & Sanjana wanted to have a wedding that was “Hatke”. City of lakes known for their royal weddings that are larger than life attire and values. Sanjana’s dream destination which made our decision easy on deciding the location. Mountains surrounding the Udaibagh resort that is constructed to look like a palace was the perfect place to tie the knot. Majority of our guests were staying at the resort. It has 42 spacious rooms and were made to feel like royalty.

Day 1: A few main family members started to arrive while Sanjana and I went around the beautiful city of Udaipur with Mr. Prakash (the Wedding Photographer) from Prakash creations to click our pre-wedding shoot pictures in various locations.

Day 2: Kicked off our wedding celebration with the first official event known as the Mehndi Ceremony around 10:00 am where everyone gathered and mingled with each other. Most of the women took turns to get mehndi on their hands while everyone else clicked pictures, enjoy chaat stalls, where the menu had “Spiked” Chaat.  

Everyone grabbed drinks from “Sharaab Di Gaddi” and danced to great tunes. Traditional folk singers, Dholak players, Mehendi artists and photo booth kept the guest entertained.

Sangeet /Engagement ceremony started at the evening ,organized at the Palacial lawn. The dress code was Indian fusion. A royal welcome was extended to all the guests with Rajasthani Folk dancers, jugglers, Russian dhol players. The evening was followed by family performances and later by the DJ who played till the wee hours.

Day 3: A fairly early morning start to commence the Haldi ceremony in the banquet hall that was decorated with jerbera, marigold, goldawari flowers along with props such as Leterns & pots. The ladki and the ladkewale conducted their respective ceremonies side by side.

By the time the sun settled behind the mountain, the cool breeze and the open skies witnessed a red and gold theme venue that was ready to welcome guests at Palacial lawn to witness the wedding of Amit & Sanjana. The décor consisted of frames, lamps, candle walls and crystals. The evening commenced with the arrival of the Barat alongside the dhol players and Amit arrived on a ghodi. 



Pheras at The Udaibagh Resort was simply breathtaking. A fairy tale dream comes true for the couple. The mandap was beautifully designed and decorated and had the background of the decorated palace.

After the pheras were over around 4:30 am, Sanjana was made to sit in a Doli which was carried by her brothers and they walked a few blocks to Amit’s temporary residence in the resort.

The families just wanted everyone to have a drink, eat, dance and repeat. Finally, that is exactly what the wedding was.

Photography: Prakash Creations
Venue: Udai Bagh, Udaipur

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