Buying your dream lehenga is one of the biggest tasks of the wedding! Every bride-to-be wants to look the best on her wedding day so you cannot just compromise on the wedding lehenga. It has to be perfect to make you feel like a princess. So, here’s a list of the tips that you need to keep in mind before going for the bridal shopping.

Red bridal lehenga

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  • Do an online research to get some ideas

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Never go to the market without knowing what you actually want. Search online for the latest trends; designs, colour combination or style as well as to get an idea of the price range. This way you won’t get lost at the shop when the shopkeeper will show 100s of lehengas and never-ending designs.

  • Always take an appointment before visiting the store

Just because it is your favourite store does not mean that it is always going to have what you exactly want. Always call and check the store timings, or when they are going to get the fresh stock, if they do customization or not and when do they offer discounts or any special offers. You will never want to go all the way and get nothing in return.

  • You need to have a fixed budget:

Don’t want to waste your time by directly going to the store without having a fixed budget. By visiting the high-end stores and checking out all the gorgeous and expensive designer stuff, you’ll always be comparing your Lehenga with the ones at Sabyasachi’s or Manish Malhotra’s. So ladies, stick to the stores that fall in your budget and try not to get tempted.

  • Never trust the store lightings


The yellow or even those bright white lights at the store might not let you see the Lehenga colour different than the actual one. Be smart and always check the exact colour under the sunlight as you cannot take any chance in case of your Bridal shopping.

  • Do not forget to take a swatch of the Lehenga you choose:

Once you have made up your mind on what to buy, always remember to ask for your Lehenga’s swatch or a piece of fabric. Because there are way too many shades of the basic red or even pink. You don’t want anything to go wrong at the time of buying the matching accessories, footwear and other add-ons. Also, have an exact idea about the colour shade and take a picture of the Lehanga as you won’t be seeing it for a long time!

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  • Try to get your jewellery done before your Bridal Lehenga

Your jewellery is going to be a one-time investment and mostly more expensive than your Lehenga. So don’t think of matching your jewellery to your Lehenga but do the other way around. Also, you can ask the jeweller not to attach the hanging stones or gems if any in the jewellery and only attach it once you have decided the wedding dress.

jewelry alongwith red bridal lehenga

Jewellery By: Sabyasachi 

  • Ask for discounts:

It doesn’t mean that you put the shopkeeper in trouble. You can always ask nicely if there are some offers going on or if something can be done about the price, when shopping at the local markets. There are going to be a lot of wedding expenses so try to save wherever possible. Shop smartly!

You will get to know when you see the ONE! So, do not worry and just follow these genius tips before purchasing your Wedding Lehenga. If you are having trouble, get in touch with us to get the best from our list of handpicked vendors.

Be the Queen of your Wedding Day!

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