GETTING MARRIED ? Then pre-wedding shoots would be on the top of your to-do list.

We believe pre-wedding moments are the most romantic times for a couple. They always create everlasting memories. This is the time when the couples are nostalgic about their initial chemistry and look back at that spark during the shoot.

A couple getting captured for pre-wedding shoot.Source : Oragraphy

Here are some outstanding themes you would absolutely choose for your pre-wedding shoots.


1.“Surely, of all the wonders of the world, YOU are the greatest.”🏰

A couple standing in front of Taj Mahal getting captured for pre-wedding shootSource :

Indulge in the fascinating yet romantic ambiance of some wonderful places like Agra, Italy and many more for your pre-wedding shoots.

A couple standing in front of Colosseum for pre-wedding shoot.Source : Benson Yin Photography


2.“One Love, One Heart, One Destiny.” 💓

A couple being photographed at some destination for pre-wedding shoot.Source : Shutter Down Photography

Get yourself clicked at some of the fab destinations in the world. You may choose places like Jodhpur, Udaipur, Goa or even Australia, Bali, Iceland, Japan and Paris.

Couple captured for destination shootSource : Dot Dusk


3.“I call it magic when I’m with you.” 💫

Couple being pictured for pre-wedding shoot portraying magic.Source : Cupcake Productions 13

Try wizard themes this wedding season to add a magical touch to the pictures.

Couple captured for pre-wedding shoot portraying magicSource : Cupcake Productions 13


4.“Love is like air, we can’t see it but we can feel it.”

Couple captured from above lying on a boat for pre-wedding shootSource :

Experience the melody of aerial photoshoots for your pre-wedding and wallow in the beautiful chemistry between you.

Couple captured from above lying on beautiful ground for pre-wedding shootSource :

5.“Love like a fairytale and look stunning and surreal at the same time.”

Couple sitting near teddy for miniature pre-wedding shootsSource : Video Tailor

Being the latest trend in the town, miniature photoshoots are becoming the most adorable and super unique ideas for the newly weds searching for pre-wedding themes!

Couple photographed around cartoons for miniature pre-wedding shootsSource : Cool Bluez Photography


6.“You are the light and I will follow.”

Girls and a boy in dramatic capture for pre-wedding shootSource : Anurag Suri

Adding a bit of drama for the Bollywood crazy couples would be a cherry on the cake for their pre-wedding shoots.

A couple sitting in a garden for pre-wedding shoot.Source : The Story Weavers


7.“Love is when he does the cooking.”

A couple captured baking for pre-wedding shoot.Source : Shutter Down Photography

Pre-wedding shoots have become as important as the ceremonies of a wedding. Choosing the theme that is trending would make your memories more cherishable.

A couple captured drinking coffee for pre-wedding shoot

Source : Rajesh Luthra Productions


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