Your wedding day is an occasion you’ll never want to forget. Planning a wedding in a vibrant way is something you dreamt of. While implementing each and every step of your wedding, you will be highly amazed to realize how much simpler arrangements would cost. And to execute a budget wedding you need to look closely over every bit of ingredient of your wedding because an attractive decor, alluring wedding outfit, an expert catering service, photographers, and gifts come with a burly price tag. So here are some wedding ideas that will help you out with budget structure that can rebuild the elegance of your ceremony and that too at an thrifty cost.


1. DIY Wedding Invitations


Most of the people nowadays spend more on their wedding invitation. For a low budget and a vibrant wedding, you need to try this DIY wedding invitation with the cute burlap.


2. Wedding Altar

Let’s give some focus to the wedding altar. You can save your time and money by making a cute wedding altar with wooden beams and a beautiful white fabric, you can also double the decoration with some fresh flowers from your garden.


3. Rustic Decor

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Nowadays the rustic style is strongly spreading around the wedding tables. You can make the  tables look more beautiful by a wooden pallet with the beautifully handcrafted initials of the bride and groom.


4. Wedding Centerpiece

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To make you wedding tables look gorgeous you can have a pleasing wedding centerpiece with some simple things around like candles, old glasses or a wooden slice which can make your wedding decorations on budget.


5. Instagram Wedding Plan

To make your wedding a memorable one, you can ask your guests to capture their special moments and then share it on the instagram with the particular hashtag given.


6. Paper Flowers in Glass Bottles

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Paper flowers look beautiful and are easy to make and do not cost a dime. Collect old bottles and just slip the paper flowers in them so the decor gives out a modish rustic vibe!


7. Painted Glass Bottles

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Painting old bottles into the decor palette gives your wedding a grand and graceful view-work with bright colours like green, yellow and orange to punch it up.


8. Unique Wedding Guest Book

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This wedding guest book is a unique way to hold the memories from all the guests at your wedding. Your guests will sign their names and will write best wishes for the bride and the groom. After the special wedding event is over you can hang this guest book on a wall in your room. This is the best way, the couple can always remember the most beautiful day of their life.


9. Floating Flowers

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Get a huge vase, throw in some flowers and now watch the beautiful show. Yes, it’s THAT easy.


10. Beautiful Rangolis


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A good rangoli is by far one of the cheapest wedding ideas but most impressive decor ideas at weddings. Make a beautiful one with some glitter if you like!


You will hopefully save a lot of money on your wedding using the above tips and can have a beautiful, memorable day at Budget. So do Share your best tips and experiences in the comments below!

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